Salut! If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely a mildly curious acquaintance, or perhaps you were Googling for pictures of the Jura mountains and got this site instead. Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy the insights of a recent college graduate from Virginia who decided to move to eastern France for seven months to teach English to French high school students as an “assistante de langue.”

Some posts will be travel-centric; others will focus on pedagogy and the challenging field that is international education, while others still will describe situations that it’s best to steer clear of if one wishes to avoid being the target of French hilarity.

The bio:

I graduated from the College of William and Mary in Virginia in January 2013 with a background in Linguistics, French, and some Mandarin Chinese. Since graduation, and before leaving for France, I decided to gain teaching experience by substitute-teaching grades K-12 in two small towns in central Virginia. I also began tutoring SAT students, taught a 12-week introductory French class to 3rd-5th grade students, and worked as a paraeducator for special needs students. On the side, I wrote freelance articles for a local business publication, sold handmade jewelry on consignment in a local boutique, and did a whole lot of yoga.

I encourage feedback, so please do leave relevant comments if you’d like.



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